Song of the franconians : " Wohlauf die Luft geht frisch und rein"
Text from Victor von Scheffel, Copyright: Music and arrangement: F.J. Breuer und E. Becker
Hight: 16 inches
The ancestral origin of our branch of the family is
in D-97840 Hafenlohr am Main in Frankonia
in the North of Bavaria, Germany. The oldest
documented proof dates back to
Johann Hettiger, married in the year 1630.
Left: Ceramic board by Erwin Hettiger
(Image shortened for the web )
The farmer pottery of families
named Hettiger in Hafenlohr
traces back to the "War of 30 Years" 1618-1648.
Plate by Erwin Hettiger
Teller Erwin
Diameter: 14 inches
Teller David
Master of this art of pottery were
David ( 1876 - 1957 ) and Erwin ( 1914 - 1974 ).
A part of these art articles you can find in the nearby
Spessartmuseum in D-97816 Lohr-on-Main, Germany,
many are in private collections.
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