I address all name-carriers "HETTIGER"

My wish:
A contact-forum for all born or related by marriage
name carriers of
"HETTIGER", who are represented by a homepage or an e-mail-address,
for professional or private interests

A link-collection shall be installed.
It is n´t my intention to valorise the addresses for comercial purposes.


Name Hettiger

The name is of Celtic origin, composed by two elements:

Teil "het"
also "hat" or "hot", finally english "head".
and means in front or head.
Teil "tiger"
In Celtic "drawer". Throgh linguistic evolution "z" became "t" and "h" became "g".
The complete name can be interpreted as "leader" in a military sense or in general leader of a tribe (clan).

Thanks to Mrs. Iris Müller and her husband William Smith, who gave me a hand to translate difficult texts in their holiydays in Germany, and to Mr. Matthew Dold from John Deere Zweibrücken, who checked the final version.

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